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Regional Moving Company

Still Mind Still Moving is Your Regional Moving Company Out of The Basin.

Are you looking for quality moving assistance to make your transition a bit easier? We are the regional moving company that provides moving assistance for your whole household. There are so many little details in a move that many people do not consider until they are literally knee-deep in the move. Hiring a moving company can simplify a messy situation and allow you to move on to planning the next stage of your life. We have over 30 combined years of experience in moving households, relocating heavy items, and cleaning sites afterward. Our services range in details and we are happy to provide exactly the level of assistance you need. Check out our price page to get an idea of where to start and then we will go from there.

We have experience in all types of moving situations. Are you a plant lover? We understand and we can help safely transport your plant collection in a way that does not damage the foliage or harm them. Are you a collector of many small items? We will be delicate in our removal of boxes as you would be. Do you have a piano or other heavy item? We are strong and qualified to move it safely and have the experience and equipment on hand. Do not hesitate to call and ask us about a particular situation or moving detail. We can help you move across town or across the region, and you will quickly discover with a can-do attitude, our experience, and our equipment the mountain of a task that moving can be will turn into a simple hill with the downhill side insight. Call today to discuss the level of moving assistance you need.

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