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Piano Moving Company

Do You Need A Piano Moving Company?

The piano is an instrument that enriches any household it lives in, whether or not the residents are skilled pianists or simply like to pluck a tune for fun. Many times people will leave their piano behind when moving it becomes too troublesome. We see it happen all the time. The instrument is not like a dresser of the same size, it is surprisingly heavy due to all the metal components and the quality of wood needed for a quality sound. Moving a piano takes skill, experience, the right equipment, and patients. We have all of the above at Still Mind Still Moving and we move heavy cumbersome items like pianos often, with seemingly no hassle. We know that what makes us moving experts is the fact that we make the impossible look easy.

If you have a piano that needs safely relocated contact us for a quote. We are insured and experienced. Your quote will be based on the location of the move site (second floor, up several sets of stairs, odd doorways), the site it will be relocated at, distance, and other factors. We will give you a fair price upfront and stick to it. Read our reviews, we pride ourselves in leaving each client satisfied when we drive away. We are friendly professionals that will get the job done no matter how arduous. Do not even think about leaving your family heirloom piano or your favorite instrument behind just because you do not have the skill set to move it. We are affordable and can take the stress of moving your piano. We also move pianos that have been sold from one location to another. Call today for a quote from your local affordable moving company.

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