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Moving Removals

Tips To Prepare For Your Moving Removals.

Still Mind Still Moving is your regional and local moving company that provides professional and friendly service backed by years of experience and all the equipment to get the job done efficiently. Here are a few moving tips to help you as you pack up your home for moving removals from your friendly professional movers.

  • Have a trash bag and donation box on the ready at all times. There is no reason to transport clutter and rubbish into your new home. Use moving as an excuse to discard the items you do not use. Unpacking and organizing at your new location will be a joy if you do this.

  • Label certain boxes to be packed last and opened first. Items like toiletries and your favorite linens may be examples of boxes you want to go in the truck last and come out of the truck first so you have them ready at your new location. Even if you are surrounded by boxes on that first night, you will have the comforts of home at your fingertips with a little forethought.

  • Clean as you go. It is harder to pack a messy home than a clean one. Simply take a moment to clean as you pack up all of your belongings to ensure that you do not suddenly feel overwhelmed by your surroundings.


We have packing supplies available. If you need tips or a quote for your next move contact us today to start the planning process. Many people are surprised at how hard it can be to move a whole house, we are here to help simplify it in any way we can.

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